GOLO gets you closer to neighbourhood shops. We're a curated mobile marketplace, offering everyday goods from community merchants for on-demand delivery and pick-up.

We deliver flowers, diapers, gifts, clothes, food, coffee, Tylenol, etc. Everyday items delivered right at your door. So it's more than just a food app. You don't have to go out. You don't have to worry about getting dressed. The team at GOLO cares about your everyday. And our mission is to make it better!

We have a big plan of democratizing mobile buying and selling, and empowering our users. For this reason, the GOLO app is a marketplace where even the smallest merchant can sell on mobile. (Without paying outrageous service fees.)

Find cool places that deliver near you, and support small businesses at the same time!

This is what we can do to make your everyday life better. We are GOLO. Ready to deliver.